Bio-integrated Materials (Graduate level)

The objective of this class is to provide an overview of the recent contribution of science and engineering in biological systems and medicine with an emphasis on materials.


Nano-bio Fusion Technology (Undergraduate level, team teaching with Prof. Yongtaik Lim at SAINT)

Nanobio fusion technology represents an emerging research field merging NT and BT for various applications. This class will cover the interfacial area of materials science and chemical engineering to study the application of nanobiotechnology in nanomedicine, nanobiosensors, nanofluidics, and related systems.


Biomaterials (Undergraduate level)

This class is designed for material scientists to learn the basics of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and biophysics for biological applications. General properties of biomolecules (such as nucleic acids, protein, and lipid), biological systems (such as cells), and their integration with materials will be covered.


Introduction of Mechanical Design and Electrical Circuits (Undergraduate level)

This class is aimed for materials scientists to understand, analyze, and create general mechanical draftings and electrical circuits.